img_4946Regardless of its duration on the water, the excursion begins and ends on land, in order to guarantee that the participants receive the necessary instructions that will allow the activity to be carried out both safely and correctly, as well as ensure the enjoyment of the experience without endangering neither their own safety nor that of others who might also be using the river.

Before embarking (ca. 30 minutes)

  • Presentation of the supervisors and preliminary advice.
  • Information about the equipment and the basic security measures and navigational rules in the inner harbour.
  • Distribution of paddles and life vests.
  • Explanations of the basic paddling techniques and on how to steer the vessel.
  • Distribution of the group members in pairs.
  • Embarking and start of the activity in the water.

 After disembarking

 Once the activity in the water is finished, the equipment is given back to the supervisor.

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